Learning Perl

You want to learn Perl but don't know where to start?  You came to the right place at the right time!  These lessons offer a great basic understanding of Perl and if you "drill down", then the links go into more details for the adventurous.  Start learning now and have fun!


Lesson 1


What is PERL?

Lesson 2


Basic Concepts

Lesson 3


Asking Questions and Remembering the Result

Lesson 4


Adding Choices

Lesson 5


Guessing the Secret Word

Lesson 6


More than One Secret Word

Lesson 7


Giving Each Person a Different Secret Word

Lesson 8


Handling Varying Input Formats

Lesson 9


Making It Fair for the Rest

Lesson 10


Making It a Bit More Modular

Lesson 11


Moving the Secret Word List into a Separate File

Lesson 12


Ensuring a Modest Amount of Security

Lesson 13


Warning Someone When Things Go Astray

Lesson 14


Many Secret Word Files in the Current Directory

Lesson 15


Listing the Secret Words

Lesson 16


Renaming "Old" Secret Word Files

Lesson 17


Maintaining A Last Good Guess Database

Lesson 18


Reporting From The Last Good Guess Database

Lesson 19


Plain Old Documentation

Lesson 20


A Stroll Through Perl - Summary

Lesson 21


Perl "Production" Code Snippets