The picture below from the National Priorities WWW site shows the "tradeoffs" for the $5.5 billion contribution of the taxpayers of San Diego County to the proposed FY 2012 budget for the War Department (or Ministry of War, if you've read 1984; now, euphemistically called the Department of Defense) in two areas - one year scholarships for university students - 664,126 scholarships and $5,500 student Pell grants - 999,540 grants

As there were just 142,061 university students projected to be attending UC, CSU, and CCC institutions of higher learning in San Diego County (2008 data), our sixth graders suggest that an approximate 21% to 22% cut in San Diego County's contribution to the War Department's budget for one year would certainly enhance the educational prospects of the students in San Diego County - not to mention the other 3,142 counties in the United States!

Furthermore, they suggest that a 14% to 15% cut in the Ministry of War's budget would enable giving each one of those 142,061 students a $5,500 Pell grant?

They continue to note that

totalling $103 billion, and ask this simple question: "With the devasting impact on not only educational institutions, but also infrastructure, isn't it time to apply common sense to the impact of the War Department's budget on the budgets of the 50 States of the Union?"