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My Story

Once upon a time, keeping up with my family of seven became too overwhelming, and I gave up.  The next few months were spent being miserable in the midst of a mess that I didn't feel I could control.  Then, my best friend reminded me that I am the queen of my home.  With her help, I straightened the crown on my head and reclaimed my house one room at a time.  Over time, I practiced simple, daily strategies to stay on top of things.  Today, I look around my house and I love what I see!

Creating spaciousness in any element, whether a closet, calendar, or kitchen is my passion.  You, too, deserve to have breathing room in your life.  Life is meant to be enjoyed!


There are countless books, blogs, and websites offering organizational tips and tricks for managing your home.  Sometimes, it is too overwhelming to begin alone.  The Clutter Coach comes along side to help you implement simple principles that can transform your space into a functional place you enjoy.

During the initial one hour consultation, I work with you to pinpoint your goals for a space (e.g., kitchen) or element (e.g., paperwork).  The consultation cost is $45.  If you purchase an action package on that day, the consultation is free!

On action day, I help you make your space work for you, while developing strategies to maintain the order we create together.  Whether you want to tackle an overflowing closet, create margins in your calendar, or organize a room, each session is customized to your personal goals.

Action Packages
Mini - 3 hours for $135
Full - 6 hours for $265
Triple - 3 sessions of 3 hours each for $395
Quad - 4 sessions of 6 hours each for $1,025
6 month, mini - one 3 hour sessions per month, for six months $780*
6 month, double - two 3 hour sessions OR one 6 hour session per month, for six months $1,485*
*10% off all subscription purchases!

Refer a friend, and earn a free hour to be applied to your purchase of any action package or subscription when they complete a consultation with The Clutter Coach!

If this sounds like just what you are looking for, contact The Clutter Coach today to begin the journey toward spaciousness!