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An automotive manufacturer was moving from customized COBOL business applications to the Oracle Applications ERP system.  In addition, for their EDI (over three-quarters of their orders were received via EDI) they were switching from Sterling Commerce Gentran Basic running on an IBM zSeries platform to Gentran Server running on Unix.


The company's operating divisions had common customers, so inbound 850s required SDQ segments for cross-docking.
Some customers required RFID which necessitated pick-and-pack hierarchies on the 856s.
Canadian postal codes.
SLN looping on Invoices (810s).
IT and Customer Service staffs at the multiple operating divisions would have to be retrained.
All of these transitions had to be accomplished without disruption to ongoing business processes.


Installed, tested, and implemented their new EDI and ERP systems and the following order processes:
  • OEM

    • Release (830, DELFOR)
    • Shipment Schedule (862, DELJIT)
    • Shipment Notice (856, DESADV)
    • Receiving Advice (861, RECADV)
    • Remittance Advice (820, REMADV)

  • Aftermarket

    • Purchase Order (850 w/ SDQs)
    • Purchase Order Acknowledgement (855)
    • Purchase Order Change (860)
    • Shipment Notice (856 w/ multiple packing hierarchies for RFID)
    • Invoice (810)
    • Remittance Advice (820)
Trained IT and Customer Service staffs at the multiple operating divisions on the new systems and processes.


New systems and services were smoothly transitioned with no disruption of service to their customers.
Hugh overall savings in data entry time.
If necessary, further EDIGuys support is quickly and remotely available.

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