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This is a large dairy company in St. Paul.  They manufacture and distribute fluid dairy products to regional grocery stores and warehouses.  Small IT staff has limited experience and no EDI expertise.


Receive purchase orders and send invoices on a timely basis with numerous customers - some of them very large.
Handle large quantities of transactions.
Accounting system was developed for food industry and used proprietary interface formats.
Needed ongoing "EDI Coordinator" assistance.
Needed a user-friendly system.  Business accounting system was on a mainframe; EDI translator was on a PC.  Needed to exchange data between the systems.
Accounting system did not provide complete EDI solution: interfaces lacked complete data, no interfaces in place for some transactions.
Needed a dependable solution for EDI because some transactions were subject to extremely short business cycles.


Installed, configured, and developed transaction maps on their EDI translator on the PC.
Developed processes to integrate the EDI system and the mainframe accounting system.
With the success of the purchase order and invoice systems, client requested development of new interfaces to generate transactions which were lacking in their accounting system.
Analyzed accounting system and developed processes to extract data from the accounting system database to provide "missing" data to trading partners and generate transactions not provided by the accounting system.
Worked with client to develop unique solutions to exchange data with brokers using EDI standards technology.
Offered on-going "EDI coordinator" support to enable additional trading partners, provide problem resolution, upgrade to new versions of EDI standards.


Ability to receive purchase orders and send invoices with a completely unattended operation.
Ability to extract data and generate transactions not supported by the accounting system.
Ability to maintain close relationships with important customers.
Dependable unattended EDI system with responsive technical support

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