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An electronics supplier impacted by the ecomomic downturn and attendant cut-backs in the telecommunications industry needed to re-engineer their EDI communications to reduce costs.  They did not, however, want to integrate their EDI system with an outdated MRP system which was scheduled to eventually be replaced.


Automate routine Sterling Commerce Gentran Server processes
Replace the EDI data transmission method
Train staff on efficiences in managing the EDI processes


Eliminated repetitive data entry by utilizing:
  • 850 (Purchase Order) "turn-around" maps to automatically send out

    • 856 (Ship Notice)
    • 810 (Invoice)
Switched the company's data transmission method from value-added network (VAN) to
EDI Interoperability Applicability Statement 2 (EDIINT AS2)

Trained company staff on the efficiences of the new processes


Data entry time slashed by nearly two-thirds with attendant cost reductions in staff time permitting the company to remain competitive in the marketplace.

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