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This is a small trucking company in St. Paul.  They provide trucking services for a large window manufacturer (Andersen Windows), a large manufacturer (3M), and other companies.  No in-house IT staff.


Goal to be an early adopter of technology so they can offer their large customers the finest service.
Desire to operate as a "paperless" office.
Small mainframe environment with a new in-house developed accounting system.
Needed to receive electronic orders and send electronic invoices and order status information to their customers.
Needed to run an EDI environment before their new accounting system was developed and then integrate the EDI system with the new accounting system after development was completed.
Needed to receive financial statement information electronically from their bank.


Installed and configured their EDI translator on the mainframe system.
Developed a temporary EDI system to use while the new accounting system was being developed.
Developed interface processes to interface the EDI system to the new accounting system.
Developed unattended system to receive EDI trucking orders and send EDI trucking invoices.


Ability to receive trucking orders and send trucking invoices and order status with their important customers
Client was so confident with the results, they asked for additional assistance to receive electronic payment data from their bank
Ability to maintain close relationships with important customers.

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