The Lutheran Bible Institute
Class of 1965 10th Year Reunion


Jan (Panier) Querciagrossa   JeNell (Braaten) Jacobsen
and her two daughters
(help with others)
  Pastor Fagerberg
Larry Boatman (back to camera)
Marie (Pedersen) Rossing
Ruth Sletten
  Pastor Grundahl
Shirleen (Harms) Wolfe
John Leonardson
Ken Petersen (left, back to camera)
Sharyl (Hanson) Boatman (right, behind Grundahl)
Larry Boatman (left, behind Grundahl)
Gwen (Krahling) Schwandt (left of Larry)
  "Buddy" (and Mrs. ?) Hintz
Jonathan and Marie (Pedersen) Rossing
Corrine (Berg) Benson
(help with others)
Tom Helgeson
Larry Boatman
Reverend Larry Juergensen
  Bob and Eileen (Just) Spilman   Don and Gwen (Krahling) Schwandt
  Rudolf and Alice (Toppen) Rogus   The Rossings and Gwen (Krahling) Schwandt
Joyce (Buhaug) Schroeder   Art Schroeder   Reverend Larry and Ilona (Knutson) Juergensen   Elsie (Anderson) Larson   Ray and Mary (Jorenby) Hitunen
Shirley (Haug) Cannell   John and Mrs. Marian Leonardson   Ken Strand   Connie (Skyrud) Bischke and Larry Boatman
Reunion planning session
  George and Ginny Severson
Paul, Sarah, and Nathan
Reverend Duane and Marilyn Rossing Salness

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