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  Sailing Manilla Bay, 1969

Sailing - Manila Bay, Christmas, 1969

I've been in the data and / or information processing business since the late 1960's - as a programmer-analyst, senior information technology professional, teacher, and entrepreneur (Emeritus Managing Partner for Internet Information and Networking Services).  Basically, writing stories for machines that can only tell the difference between a "1" and a "0"!  But beyond that (especially beyond that), I'm a life long learner and now very interested in appreciative systems, organizational learning, molecular biology, and geonomics / post-geonomics, ( transcriptomics, regulomics, metabolomics, and proteomics [ in reality { and more broadly speaking }, the philosophy of systems and synthetic biology ] ).


I hope that the seredipitous might strike you as you peruse the links on this site.

  San Diego Loft, 2011

Retirement, 17th Floor Loft, Downtown San Diego, CA, September, 2011

And, as always, ENJOY!

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