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Got clutter?  Welcome to The Clutter Coach of Addison County Vermont!

From closet to calendar, The Clutter Coach offers personalized organization assistance to help you create spaciousness in your life, one step at a time.  Getting organized doesn't have to mean an expensive renovation.  Sometimes, it simply means looking at a space differently and re-purposing elements that you already own.  Most importantly, it means believing that you are worthy of breathing room!


Has it been awhile since you've seen your counter tops or floors?  Do you spend too much time searching for lost items?  The Clutter Coach can help make your space work for you.


Do you feel as though there are not enough hours in a day?  Having a hard time fitting everything in your schedule?   The Clutter Coach shows you how to reclaim your life so you can enjoy it.


Are you drowning in paperwork and bills?  Piles of mail stacking up against you?  The Clutter Coach helps you develop workable strategies to stay on top of the papers in your life.